Saturday, February 27, 2010

this is not a virus i copy and pasted just for your entertainment:D

Rules about the Quiji Board you should know!

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My name is Amy, my sister is Cassie, and our brother is Carlton. My sister and I love to play with the Quiji Board so naturally we read up on the subject.

This is what we found out so far:

#1. If the triangle starts going in circles, stop it cause it is the sign of the devil. #2. Never! break the eye of the triangle! It lets all of the demons out. #3. If someone in the board is trying to get you to say a certain word or phrase don't say it because more than likely they are trying to get you to release them and it is nearly impossibly to put them back again. They will haunt you for as long as you live,(Trust me I speak from personaly experience) #4. Never tell it to prove it self or to give you a sign cause it can't unless it is powerful and if it is it can hurt you bad. #5. Don't play by yourself. It is true you can be posessed or it can make you do something you will regret. #6. Never leave a Ghost (hangin) on the board it can escape. If you're going to walk away make it say goodbye. #7. Probably the number 1 rule. Quiji Boards lie. Don't get upset over nothing they enjoy seeing you in pain so don't give in. Make them tell the truth. This is how: #8. If a particular Ghost is giving you trouble, get a lighter or a match and hold the light up to the moon. Put your hand on the triangle and tell it to stop lying ,behave, or to say goodbye. Nine times out of ten they will do what you say. They don't like when tou burn the moon.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

you know when you bite your lip and then you keep biting it because now it is swollen and sticks out funny and is perfectly positioned for accidental biting incidences?!?!

yeah?.. well it sucks and hurts and makes me really angry because i think about not biting my lip as i am biting my lip.

also i have been sitting at whole foods for like two hours now drinking kombucha and eating rice chips trying to finish my midterm for philosophy which is already late and which i have to finish before i get on a plane tomorrow.

oh how the California sunshine is MUCH needed in my life!!!cant wait

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

my Dad was looking through old books in the garage and found a christmas list i made a long time ago;it states:

Carmen's Christmas List or things she wants
1 winnie the pooh pillows
2 winnie the pooh bedding
3 fake fingernails
4nail polish and nail polish remover
5 winnie the pooh puff up sponges (this one baffles me really?!)
6 winnie the pooh anything!!!!!
7 money

the end

if only life were still as simple as wanting a matching world/ life of winnie and perfect nails

new video:new shirt

Besides feeling sickly i am in a goodmood
i bought this shirt that i have been wanting forever today, booked my plane ticket for fabric shopping in San Fransisco, my production meeting for my show went really well, my aunt is bringing me jam when she comes to visit this weekend , i live with amazing talented roommates who are showing at williamsburg fashion week in New York, i made this rad video and i got bread from my mother in the mail!!!