Monday, May 31, 2010

reading my nail polish chippings

today i found:

a VW Beetle

a Taxidermic Raccoon

Magritte's Pipe

and a Heart

while reading my nail polish horoscope
what could it mean?

I never realized how good at frowning i am


Sunday, May 30, 2010


As my goal is too wear as little clothing as possible in this hot ass weather i have been drawn to bags as i always am but more so as shoes as well have become obsolete. my two favorite bags from summer2010 were both from Celine and as i am not made of money or anywhere near it and as my luck in embarrassingly looking for knockoffs online failed i had to go to other sources i found a more than fine canvas version of the leather two tone by Rachel Comey which i am way happy with i know it is not exactly the same but i may still make a Celine knockoff from the extra leather i have in my locker at skool

this Rachel Comey bag also reminds me of those Marc Jacobs for Vuitton bags where he took parts from all the bags and frankensteined them into one patchworky mess only in the way that the clutch in the front looks like it has been hotglued on the front :D

and then today as i was shopping in that way that you do on weekends were you dont really plan on buyng anything i found the perfect Celine knockoff in Navy Blue and Tan leather one of my favorite combos:D and to top things off it has rad B's for Briwa? on the closure! SCHwing more like SCHwinner is what i am.
that is all
i may be wearing cut-offs and old dresses
but my wallet and phone now have a beautiful home
poet and i dont even know'it

look how tiny my hand looks!!!
like a precious moments angel is hand modeling my Bag

Friday, May 28, 2010

I feel weird all the time
and unproductive most of the time
think it is time for a change of scenery
good thing i leave in two weeks
unforeseeable ends make me antsy
if only i could leave today and drink coffee and drive around
also my addiction to coffee is becoming ridiculous
i pride myself on not having an addictive personality
but everyday i show up to school with out having coffee first
i constantly get asked why i am so sad only because i walk around in a state of lethargy.
and when asked to be creative without coffee in the morning i become close to tears
also if i had known that last summer was the last summer that was truly mine
i think i would have embraced it with more enthusiasm
every summer from here on out i am working and living and figuring out life
scurry, however intriguing hello new york i dont think i will like you enough to live on you but enough to have a rad summer?
see you at da airport nannie:D!!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sunday, May 23, 2010

skool is almost out for the summer and i can feel it

there is a temperature that is reached where it is impossible to be productive:/
and hugging people in celebration of your show closing is disgusting
and wearing sunglasses makes your nose sweat
and spending too much record shopping because it is air conditioned sounds like a dream
and everyone who owns booty shorts wears them with pride

Sunday, May 16, 2010

summertime funnertimes

i have kind of been among the walking dead this last week spending every minute not in class in a dark theater with people who on average have joined theatre because they like dark theaters and climbing the "rails" and often as me and my assistants astutely came to the conclusion of mostly resemble billy goats.
my show opened this weekend and not only did i not go to the opening but i accidentally missed photo call oopz.
i am so over everything
ready for summer
like for real
my summer plans have certainly taken a turn for the fucking rad lately only making this more excruciating i am going to new york on the 16th of june to work on shakespeare in the park and to intern with clint ramos who i have still only played phone tag with but who has a great message leaving demeanor:D
my mother is coming to chicago on wednesday which means completely and totally taking advantage of her hotel room and its corresponding pool while she is at the conference she is going to downtown.

Monday, May 3, 2010


the only time i have seen someone's stupidity captured in such a hilarious way so infuriating and hilarious
i really enjoy going to the theatre not knowing completely what you are going for and loving every minute that is how i have seen all my favorite movies

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Summer '010

Dan the Man
and So!-fee

more to come
once i move
so excited!!!!!