Monday, April 18, 2011

Heavy Meadow

i have a newfound love for dolly parton?!
annie get ready for a south dakota/montana playlist for the central stretch of our roadtrip chalk full of some dolly
also since i just came up with this brilliant idea right now while typing i think that some serious mix making is in order in correlation to the vibe of the states we will be passing and when we cross state lines we have to have a whole new set of mixes so that every states feels completely different!!!
so i think dolly goes on my south dakota mix as she is a gentle soul and belongs in quiet South Dakota with Mount Rushmore and the fundamentalist mormon temple of Pringle South Dakota (prime example of a pretentious documentary fact) i have some more antler enthusiast, gun totting , raised truck inspired jams in mind for Montana
cant wait

also when did they stop using that rad close up profile view layered on top of far away frontal view in musical performance videos i toally dig it!!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

what lies behind your eyes?

in my procrastination tactics i stumbled upon an 8th grade favorite quizilla :) a good 30 minutes of fun: finding that my rapper nickname should be nuffing, my lipgloss flavor is sour apple and what lies behind my eyes is this rad picture!!! and peace i guess. i need to get outta this city! everything is old news i am feeling antsy, that coupled with my lack of funds for having fun, my parents stressing me out with their travel plans for my graduation and my future lyfe plans hanging midair somewhere in the near or far future of email or postage mail in world have me obsessively checking me email and the mailbox and watching a shit ton of biglove.
oh have i not mentioned i am in love with biglove and wish i had costumed it and attributed to its greatness this may be due to the fact that while at home on my parents big comfy couch over spring break i may or may not have become addicted to the show sister wives on tlc, i cant help it TLC GETS ME EVERYTIME whether it is an hour long special on primordial dwarfism or a show about baby beauty competitions i can not look away, it may be due the fact that i self proclaimedly will watch a documentary about ANYTHING! really unless it has a gag factor that i cant handle i will pretty much be hooked
or maybe it is because i am nosey or maybe i truly care about things and am truly interested in lyfe ? nope i bet i am just nosey and love pulling those annoying pretentious random facts out in groups of people. which led to Sohui and i watching a half hour of primordial dwarfism youtube videos in the costume shop on tuesday :/

bah sorry yes biglove so good
also who knew the bump-it and braid hairdo is the tell tale sign of fundamentalist polygamist mormon women?!?
kinda love it kinda hate it the height of some of the bumpits on the show get a little outta hand

Saturday, April 16, 2011

LoveStories from the Jersey Shore '94

i really like the "vibe" of this clip
not to mention that amazing shoulderless button-up!!!