Friday, May 28, 2010

I feel weird all the time
and unproductive most of the time
think it is time for a change of scenery
good thing i leave in two weeks
unforeseeable ends make me antsy
if only i could leave today and drink coffee and drive around
also my addiction to coffee is becoming ridiculous
i pride myself on not having an addictive personality
but everyday i show up to school with out having coffee first
i constantly get asked why i am so sad only because i walk around in a state of lethargy.
and when asked to be creative without coffee in the morning i become close to tears
also if i had known that last summer was the last summer that was truly mine
i think i would have embraced it with more enthusiasm
every summer from here on out i am working and living and figuring out life
scurry, however intriguing hello new york i dont think i will like you enough to live on you but enough to have a rad summer?
see you at da airport nannie:D!!!