Sunday, May 16, 2010

summertime funnertimes

i have kind of been among the walking dead this last week spending every minute not in class in a dark theater with people who on average have joined theatre because they like dark theaters and climbing the "rails" and often as me and my assistants astutely came to the conclusion of mostly resemble billy goats.
my show opened this weekend and not only did i not go to the opening but i accidentally missed photo call oopz.
i am so over everything
ready for summer
like for real
my summer plans have certainly taken a turn for the fucking rad lately only making this more excruciating i am going to new york on the 16th of june to work on shakespeare in the park and to intern with clint ramos who i have still only played phone tag with but who has a great message leaving demeanor:D
my mother is coming to chicago on wednesday which means completely and totally taking advantage of her hotel room and its corresponding pool while she is at the conference she is going to downtown.


faultamaticanne said...

boo :( no brian jonestown with me??

Carmen said...

i have to leave so that i can help with shakespeare in the park if i leave any later than i miss it all together just think that shakespeare in the park on my resume will allow me to work at any berkeley rep i want thankfully the one i want is in CALIFORNIA! :D
sawy :(