Sunday, April 27, 2008

Herman the Gentle Giant

after eight hours of doing things i hate (using power tools, lifting heavy, awkwardly shaped things up and down stairwells and sweeping/mopping)
1)got the mail
      -received a check from Justin Siena for designing four costumes!!!
      -received "Designing Apparel Through the Flat Pattern"
2)bought fabric to make skirts 
3)heard that a cougar has been stalking the back alleys of Chicago
4)will hopefully have a phone tomorrow
5)took the elevated track and read all the way home
5)am DONE with crew for errrrrrr!!!

1 comment:

faultamaticanne said...

OHMUHGUHDDD!!! I WANT THATTTTT ANIMUL!!!! PLZZZ. i would want it to sleep next to me becos its so big and fluffy!