Wednesday, August 26, 2009

ma baybee

i found a bike:D she is lovely but of course the day after i pick her up with erin and precede to get her stuck in the trunk only to have to have cmilla and danny do major surgery to get her out it rains!!! wtf i cant even ride it
anyways it is beautiful and has glittery handle bars a working taillight that has a flip switch by my feet ( his specialty:) ) , a spedometer/odometer and a bell.
i feel like i sent my bike to xzibit
anyways now all i need to do is find a job:/

it looks like this but is silver and has aged a bit and has ross's signature everything put on it

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Butch and Reggie said...

his signature is that he puts everything on it; my signature is that i take it all off to get it out of the trunk.