Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas is not Christmas without you

So. i am pretty sure my family is distantly related to ebenezer scrooge.
Every year we wait until the last minute to do christmas-y things, which for a while i thought was just my parents respecting my birthday and waiting until after it to respect Jesus's. However with my mother and i left to our own devices this year i realized christmas might not happen which was close to heartbreaking

my father got home from Italy today and after mine and my mother's failed attempts to get a tree (on dec. 21st, who knew that every tree lot closed down on the 21st exactly?!) christmas looked like it would be happening in a barren living room with no pine smell, no needles and no stockings because who hangs up stockings with no tree?

Anyways..... moral of the story is my parents are like the arch angel gabriel:D
and found the lone tree that exists in all of California on the way home from the airport at a gas station in Vallejo
and it is perfect!

God Bless Everyone <3

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Butch and Reggie said...

this is the best blogged christmas story ever. also, the word verification is guipsogr... i think that's like a norweigen eggnog or something...