Wednesday, January 6, 2010

today i wore two pairs of socks

in other news my philosophy and film class turned out to be a philosophy and horror film class which is way rad and i want to be best friends with my teacher she is so totally tubular

that is mostly it. now i am starving and cold and have given in and have to eat weird sweet vegetables because i refuse to go grocery shopping when i have to walk and am a frozen ball of hunger.

annie i sent you a letter keep your eyes peeled like a banana. also two other people have tagged on to our tattoo excursion bonding time! i wont tell you who but there is a horus tattoo and a picachu tattoo (not camilla) joining us sounds like a party!

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faultamaticanne said...

i have reasonable free-internets today :) i will most definitely keep my eye open for dis mail!!!!!!