Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Nueva York me está haciendo una mala persona

as the last post i posted from a million years ago suggests
i am no longer in a shitty mood
the only thing that has me a bit peeved is that i spilled beer on my keyboard
and now the only key that doesn't work is my delete key which i really need as i am an extremely bad typist

i am home on sunday!!!!

today i hit some one with my shopping bags while walking past them not a slam dunk kinda hit but definitely a fervent brush who does that?!?11!!!! to be fair she hit me first with her shopping bag wheely thing but this is one of those encounters
i have only ever dreamt it in my head in a "RoadRage: Pedestrian Edition" kinda way.
this is how i know it is time to go
new york is making me mean

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Sophie said...

New York is making me an angry person.