Tuesday, October 26, 2010

i am in a constant state of stress and today i tooktime to walk around my neighborhood. i got to my apartment and kept walking it may have been my procrastination having a magnetically polar reaction to my front door or maybe it was the weird threatening to storm weather we had today it was super still and then crazy windy and grey and kind of perfect. anyways when i am done with the fifty something rendering i have to do in the next month i can assure you it will be to cold to go outside so i am forcing myself outdoors before i go into hibernation. i miss summer and what relaxation feels like i feel like i wake up ready to do stuff and fall asleep stressed ;teeth clenched, shoulders tense. i am sure if you took a picture of me sleeping it would look something like this:

however out of the pile of shit that is stress comes flowers because it seems the more i am completely bonkers stressed the more job offers i get which adds to the bonkerly stressy quality of my RicH A$$
:) slash not rich simply self sufficient which feels kinda great ok back to work wasting to much time typing and looking at pictures of oddfunnyrad taxidermy

miss california, miss having a life, miss watching movies, miss doing art of my own, miss crafts

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