Tuesday, March 8, 2011

mah nose

my nose ring /thing/ stud fell out the other day when i was watching psych in my room! and i finally got to change it no pliers, two string men needed and/or eye/ face injuries involved! i thought that i would have to grow old with that earring back in my nose i had dealt with the fact and run the slideshow of my life growing old with a nose stud from when i was 20 years old looking hip with the nose stud in my future came with its share of no serious jobs only long white hair and crazy southwest inspired jewelry that, or i was gonna move to an indian neighborhood where an old lady aint judged!

but alas it did not come to either of those scenarios HOWEVER ... i did have to go to the most awful store with the most awful music to buy a new nose stud there was a man getting a barbed wire tatto and the woman who helped me wore an awful coraline inspired( i am sure) maroon wig however nose stud retreived and my future looks bright

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