Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Allure of Couture Chicago 2008

These were all of the images i could scrounge from my inter-net-working abilities of last nights runway show
the designers were:
 Sam Kori George
 James De Colon
 Redshift by Kristin Mariani Frieman
 Maria Pinto
 Jack Cave
 Katrin Schnabel
 Billy Atwell
 Abigail Glaum-Lathbury
 Moire Conroy
 Mi Ri Uhm
 Vatit Itthi
 and Nick Cave.

vatit itthi
maria pinto
mi ru uhm
moire conroy
Nick Cave

the finale dress that took up the entire runway and was in my opinion hideous both in fabric and design but impressive in size and structural capabilities i suppose
Billy Atwell
Jack Cave
Karin Schnabel

abigail glaum-lathbury
jack cave?
sam kori george

it was amazing!:)
and meant that i got to wear c-money's  rad neon green wood grain Bruce Wayne dress


faultamaticanne said...

dood. your a model. in 2-4 weeks we'll find out if columbia loves me or hates me :)
god i hope they love me.

Carmen said...

dood actually the reason I cut off the feet in the picture was because they looked disconnected from my body! who takes a broken-mangled foot picture?! NOT a model hahahahha

faultamaticanne said...

i just LOLed for real!