Sunday, October 12, 2008

I love Fall!!!

I want to make a living off selling my salvation army shit to people out of an old run down movie rental store, just like the guy who sold me this!!!

Also HELLO Hay-lo-ween costume!

i am still in the process of convincing Camilla to be the old women in the chair in the background but i think she decided she is gonna be a fish:(


faultamaticanne said...

carmen: why is there a truck of hay?
annie: .....because its HAY-lloween!

but seriously, i love your soon-to-be costume.

Gianni Giorgio said...


yeah, you ought to show that movie when you come back.

i love the matador panel? Its wood grain, but the edges roll like fabric.

ps i didnt hear any drumming on the buckets, but i think i get the idea. did he have supervision? totally righteous!