Tuesday, February 8, 2011


this is the most stressful thing to watch as the title gives it away and thenyou just have to wait and my computer is really slow ... so it kept freezing ......eeee.....but i like how the red wine looks when it spills it is crazy fantastic

also i want a cat like one of these /or both of these:

this morning:
i woke up two hours after my alarm
made coffee
read my google reader
worked on my fellowship applications
and made a rad blog which i will have to share with annie and sasha as they are two thirds of this blog pie chart
details to follow
i love not having class until 2:40
and i love my new print making teacher who is awesome and got me into his class
now since i begged to be in his class i better get my ass out of bed and get there by 8:25 what a bitchy move if i skip it all the time:/

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