Monday, November 30, 2009


why do scary movies that seem like a joke and are not scary at all, seem a billion times scarier when you leave the theatre?!?!
tonight danny and i went to the 4$ movie theatre and saw paranormal activity which was not scary and completely laughable while watching it. HOWEVER upon leaving the theatre and walking home suddenly everything that made noise was terrifying and now i am scared something invisible is going to rustle my sheets around while i am sleeping or drag me out of bed by my foot!!! ! !!!

we encored the movie with "the bad seed" a less scary,scary movie to ease my nerves however it did not help and now i am scared of little girls and invisible demons!
how will i ever be able to sleep? and why does my room have so many windows with scratchy branches outside of them?!

point #2 "picnic at hanging rock". annie knows. not scary, but SCARY!


faultamaticanne said...

no answer.

Butch and Reggie said...

where the scary drug at?