Sunday, November 15, 2009

NEVER been more miserable.
i woke up at 10:30 because i was hot from a fever and then couldnt go back to sleep because of the overwhelming sense of guilt i feel for putting of my buddhist art paper until the day before it was due so now:
i am sitting at new wave coffee because we dont get internet today
with a fever
with achy legs and feet from wearing rad heels last night
with a coffee sitting in front of me that could not look less appetizing as my whole being is burning up
and now they are playing M.IA. kill me now my head is going to explode

so far i have read a half of an article and want to die
danny wake up and keep me company! :(

on a happier note:D

the Saddletramps show was amazing and pure perfection!!!


SLV said...

When I am in CA, my friend Sasha and I will be throwing a Japanese Christmas Party in Davis or Sacramento, and I really hope you can come. I don't think we have ever enjoyed tasty beer together.

faultamaticanne said...

so last night i recorded myself last night cos i was going to post in on my blog. so i did that but i passed out before it was done like transferring into a smaller vid file and now i am afraid to watch it/ post it cos i was pretty drunk and i think its like ten minutes of me saying absolutely nothing.
i'm embarrassed just thinking about it.