Wednesday, November 11, 2009

i got a job!... kinda

i am now officially part of the babysitter's club.
my collaboration teacher asked me to babysit her kids and i said to myself ....self you dont really like kids but why is that?..... who knows!?!
they like dress up- you chose dress up as your profession
they like pixar movies- you like pixar movies
they like caffeine and sweets- you like caffeine and sweets
they like arts and crafts- you like arts and crafts

how hard can it be
also their names are delaney and noah!!!
how could i resist
i truly hope i can dress one up like this
if only they had that rick owen's jacket in their dress up trunk i would for sure steal it

also on a sadder note i toured a tannery for my costume crafts class and bought a bunch of leather for my leather bag i am making and some more for other projects. the tannery was a little bit like walking through Upton Sinclair's "the jungle" however i got to see what ralph by ralph lauren's spring shoe collection looks like color wise in leather hides and let me tell you BARF-a-rama i also saw timberland and frye's leather for their new shoes next season which was way cool. i purchased grey horse leather and black bison leather for my alexander wang knockoff bag:D

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Butch and Reggie said...

so jeal of that child!! yes, we will make jeal happen. word ver: cupee.